From the recording Satisfy Me


Nice dinner a bottle of wine
Better get ready cuz I’m next in line
Like before goin all nite
I’m gonna make you scream so baby hold on tight
You feel it you, wanna make it so tear down the walls between
Move fast you know it’s not gonna last
I’m gonna be your sex machine
It’s just the start of the story and you know
It’s down to you and me so let’s go
Whoa –oh
Can’t get enuff I’m so into you
I love your moves when you rock the groove
I pick you up you look so fine
Forget about the past cuz tonite you’re mine
Tomorrow is another day
You know just like that well go our separate ways
Let yourself go goin with the flow
And I know you won’t regret
You know me it’s easy to see
I tell ya im not done yet