1. Goin' Wild

From the recording Satisfy Me


You try to force us to do what were told
Not even sorry but it’s in our soul
You can go fuck yourself while you’re there
And we wouldn’t even care
Ready for battle backs to the wall
It’s all for one and one for all
You can try to keep us under control but don’t try
To touch our rock n roll
I’m nobody’s fool
And I never play by the rules
Were screamin stand and fight today we won’t go away
Generation goin wild
Were takin to the streets tonite c’mon and make it right
So don’t try to understand cuz you can’t
You won’t win well fight until the end
You can try to give it a shot but we will show you all we’ve got
So shut up and get back in your place
Well shove it all back into your face
We’ve got the attitude and we’ve got the style yeah were rebels
With wicked smiles