Sleazy Way Out

Wasted Chance

Sleazy Way Out



The sun goes down on a hot summer nite

Were goin wild and ive got you in my sights

You light up the sky

We got wasted and we lose control

With just one touch you left your mark on my soul

My heart ya stole


And I realize ive wanted you for so long

Lookin in your eyes the feelin is so strong


Were goin all the way tonite were gonna make it

I will take it day by day tonite were gonna make it


Lookin for you tryin to make up your mind

Cuz I know I don’t wanna leave you behind

Your one of a kind

Its goin down so don’t hesitate

Lets do it now please don’t make me wait

Love turns to hate

It could have been oh so different if we’d made it right

But its too late here tonite

And now I know that I will be thinking of you everyday

This wasted chance we blew away everything has gone astray