Sleazy Way Out

Voodoo Queen

Sleazy Way Out



You see her standin there across the room

She’s got that look in her eyes

She has something that everyone wants, she can make a grown man cry

Shell steal your heart like a thief in the nite

You’ll never get it again

You’ll be left standing at the side of the road in the pourin rain


She’s got it all, all dressed up in leather

Anything you need

She’ll drive you crazy nothing lasts forever

She’s the voodoo queen


A face so pretty a star in the nite

And all dressed in black

Look in her eyes smile on her face bitch is ready to attack

You try and try to break her heart

On your knees you’ll crawl

Then you’ll come back and do it again ready to lose it all


Oh no you see it’s all in vain

That girl she’s fuckin insane

Baby she’s walkin away

Maybe you’ll get your chance another day